Floral & Butterfly Model Temporary Tattoo

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Size: 9 * 19 cm. Depending on the size of the product, you can apply it to any part of your body. Weight: 5.4 gr. Natural Natural Appearance, Permanent Arm Tattoo in Average 2 Weeks Permanence Its duration varies depending on whether your skin is oily and dry. The contents of the package are exactly the same as what is seen in the image. ** The opened packages exposed to damp, sunlight or air conditioning cause deterioration. Tattooing Make sure that the area you will apply is clean, dry, cream-free and oil-free. Clay, Make sure that there is no factor that prevents the tattoo from sticking, such as a feather. & Cut the colored part as close as possible to the colored part so that it is clear exactly which area the tattoo will apply. Remove the gelatin on it and stick it with the tattoo facing your skin. Press on the paper for a few seconds with a wet towel or wet cloth. In the meantime, be careful not to shift the paper. Remove the paper from your skin. Your tattoo is ready. Please do not rub as long as the tattoo remains on your skin. 20 minutes after the application. Do not stretch your skin and let it dry. If you want to remove it, rub it with baby oil, olive oil or wet wipes. Use Goodbye …

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